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Will People of Pakistan Defend their Democracy? A clue from Abortive Turkish Military Coup

The challenge for the incumbent government and political parties is to gain the trust of the people and wining their hearts, only than people will defend, protect and preserve their democracy and there will be no unconstitutional threat. Failing in gaining trust of people may lead to disastrous consequences. Continue reading

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Life of Minorities in Pakistan

Out of 14 points of Quaid-e-Azam there is a point that every Muslim and non Muslim have equal rights of living in Pakistan. So why have we to beg for peace, justice, respect, authority, trust at every single step at every place. Continue reading

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Why Pakistan is not progressing?

A nation that is unable to sleep due to non-availability of power, does not have access to quality health services, where education is a luxury, where justice is not served, where law enforcers are corrupt, where family support systems are falling apart – Alas!

Progress is JUST a DREAM. Continue reading

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Trade for peace in South Asia

Improved trade relations among South Asian states will definitely reduce conflicts between the rivals. ILLUSTRATION: JAMAL KHURSHID. In the 18th century, a French social critic and political philosopher, Montesquieu, thought that commerce improves manners and cures most destructive prejudices. The … Continue reading

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Non-Traditional Security Threats: Global Governance System to Combat Challenges

Terrorism, bad governance and climate change are becoming most serious and emerging traditional as well as non traditional security threat (NTST) to country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. These mounting NTST are now undermining world peace and stability. There is, however, … Continue reading

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