Life of Minorities in Pakistan

By: Sanam Daswani

Pakistan Megachurch

Religious discrimination in Pakistan has always been a serious issue which is neither resolved nor discussed.

“We are Pakistani first, our ancestors were Pakistani, our blood is Pakistani, our nationality is Pakistani, we follow Pakistani culture, we live Pakistan, we breathe Pakistan and we are humans of Pakistan. Let treat us as a Pakistani, an independent human being.”

Karachi: “Minorities in Pakistan”, the most controversial topic in Pakistan, and a topic everyone is afraid to talk about. This is label for some and identity of many.  Why is it so? Why every minor out there wants to talk about the issues that they are facing, but they cannot. Why their voice is slashed even before it’s raised? Is being a non Muslim a mistake in Pakistan?

Out of 14 points of Quaid-e-Azam there is a point that every Muslim and non Muslim have equal rights of living in Pakistan. So why have we to beg for peace, justice, respect, authority, trust at every single step at every place.

As growing up a Hindu always made me realize how weak I am, how I have always to be ready to be discriminated based on my race, don’t you eat beef? Oh! It’s Haram (illegal) for you how sad! You guys worship statues, you guys follow many Gods? Oh so what do you do in temples? Why your goddess are different. These all questions, every Hindu must have faced in Pakistan. At every step why we have to prove our religion?  Why?

Very recently, two Hindu young boys have been killed in Ghotki district of Sindh for honor reparation for the false blasphemy claim. Do you think by killing two innocent people will secure any religion and faith? Does Allah allow us to kill innocents because of our misunderstanding? This could be conspiracy to disturb the peace between two communities. Why those two boys had to pay with their lives? What was their mistake?

Another accident occurred in the same Ghotki city, in the month of Holy Ramzan 2016 when an old man named as Gokal das was horribly beaten by police man for eating in fasting hours of Ramadan. His clothes were drowning with blood, with tears and so many questions in his eyes. In every verse of Quran Allah always guide us to help needy, give food who is hungry, so who has given them the authority to beat someone bitterly just based on their own made beliefs and perceptions.

The shoe shop named as Zeb shoes owned by Farman Ahmed in Tando jam city of Sindh is selling shoes which is enshrined with Hindu religious symbol “OM”. What a level of discrimination and insult of a religion! These people are killing us for honor reparation for the false blasphemy claim and at the same time they are using our religious symbols on their shoes and people are buying from them. Where is police now? Where are laws? Who has given them authority to disrespect our religion? Why these people are still alive and running their business freely? Why they are not being punished for their crime? Why they are not being stopped? So many questions, but there is no answer!

A 10 years Hindu child named as Inder Vineet was raped and killed at Hyderabad club. An innocent child who had dreams of becoming a doctor, whose father was so proud of him, who was apple of his mother’s eye who was most loving child in his family, was found drowned in a swimming pool. He struggled and fought for his life but broke his hope with his last breath, wishing he could live a little longer, could see his culprits penalized.  Doctors found that Inder has abrasion marks on his neck, nail marks and scratches on his face with bruises on his arms and these were inconsistent with presumed cause of death. Doctors have hinted this may be a case of child abuse.

Religious discrimination in Pakistan has always been a serious issue which is neither resolved nor discussed. Christians, Hindus and Ahmadi Muslims among other many other religious groups in Pakistan are routinely discriminated against. They are at times refused jobs, loans, housing and other similar things simply because of their choice of religious faith. Christian Churches and Ahmadi mosques and their worshippers are often attacked. Along with all above cases, the burning of our temples and forced religion conversation has always been a common practice in Pakistan. Whenever a non Muslim is violated, their family has to resort to holding protests in order to get justice. Still they never find any justice.

“They scream, they talk, they cry, but all their tears are drown in a deep ocean and their words and voice is depressed under thousands of mountains.”

The main reason behind all this hatred is just a religion difference or there is something more to it? When Allah has made us from same dust when he didn’t differentiated among us why are we doing so? Why are we judging people based on their religion?  Why are we suffering for this hatred? This religion hatred has killed many people, separated many best friends, and threatened many trusts. Let’s kill this hatred and live peacefully. We are Pakistani first, our ancestors were Pakistani, our blood is Pakistani, our nationality is Pakistani, we follow Pakistani culture, we live Pakistan, we breathe Pakistan and we are humans of Pakistan. Let treat us as a Pakistani, an independent human being. Allah decided to make us Hindu/Christian/any other religion so let us be. Let all minorities follow their religion independently and let us live peacefully.

The writer is a student of CBM university in Karachi doing my MBA.

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1 Response to Life of Minorities in Pakistan

  1. Yash says:

    I agree with all your points you have writen in your blog And really its appreciable that you have raised voice to show the existing circumstances of minorities in pakistan.

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