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Education: A Big Challenge for Policy Makers

The constitution of Pakistan clearly state in article 37-B that “State shall be responsible for eradication of illiteracy and provision of free and compulsory education up to secondary level, within minimum possible time”. Continue reading

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The Issue of Child Abuse – A despicable act

There is dire need of understanding the importance of teaching and creating awareness among the children about pedophilia so that your child even in an early age can easily distinguish between the bad touch and the good touch. Continue reading

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Fighting hunger — a clarion call

Malnutrition among children is also undermining their learning abilities. Fighting this alarming hunger population is now one of the biggest challenges for incumbent government. Continue reading

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MARRIAGE- a wedlock or a deadlock

A large number of girls are still at their parents’ doorstep just because of pre-set standards and so called traditions. Continue reading

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Campaign Review: HBL goes the ‘Wrong way’

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