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Addressing NTBs in Indo Pak Trade: Implications for South Asia

Speakers at a panel discussion emphasize the importance of normalization of trade ties between India and Pakistan, in order to increase trade volume between the two rival neighbors. Experts, while dilating upon “Addressing Non-Tariff Barriers in Indo-Pak Trade: Implications for … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Puruesh Chaudhary:
Media practitioners, journalists, communication professionals around the world need to build consensus to realize the significance of globalization, in the context of the socio-political gaps, economic interests, cultural and religious values, to strengthen the fundamental…

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Clustered Deprivation: District Profile of Poverty in Pakistan

One third of all households in Pakistan are forced to live below the poverty line measure against the newly developed multidimensional poverty index 21 percent household has been categorized ,as extreme poor.Report titled ‘clustered deprivation: District profile of poverty in … Continue reading

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Deprived Population

Raja Taimur Hassan The Person with disability (PWDs), face immense difficulties at large in the socio, economic and political landscape of Pakistan particularly in the area of Education, Employment, Marriage, Family and Politics hence they remain deprived population. There are … Continue reading

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Prospects for Renewable Energy Transition in Pakistan

By Tahir Hasnain As the world wakes up to the reality of climate change and expanding energy demand, electricity will increasingly have to come from renewable sources such as wind and solar. To follow the course to a greener energy … Continue reading

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