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Post-2015 Consultations on MDGs in Pakistan: Purpose and the Process

Pakistan has failed to meet most of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), where progress on 25 out of 33 indicators is off track. Speakers at a roundtable discussion on “Consultations on Post 2015 Development Agenda from Pakistani Perspective,” jointly organized … Continue reading

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Women Political Participation: Challenges and Opportunities

Speakers call for equal and proportional representation of women in the political system of Pakistan. At a panel discussion on the occasion of “15th Sustainable Development Conference” organized by SDPI here at Islamabad, speakers urge amendments in the Representation of … Continue reading

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Kashmir Issue: The key to peace

People living in the territory are tired of the conflict, and desperately hoping for a negotiated peace. Deadly skirmishes in the disputed region of Kashmir this month set India and Pakistan back at each other’s throats. Five soldiers were killed … Continue reading

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Tourism lagging behind as potential remains untapped

In the field of tourism, Pakistan offers much attraction in the developing world. The historical and cultural heritage of the nation is a testimony of the glory of this ancient land as the country has numerous tourist attractions at Swat, … Continue reading

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Income Inequalities in Pakistan

Although the real national income of Pakistan, on an average, is revealed to be increasing each year from the past 25 years, the concentration of income in the hands of a few has also taken a leap. According to figures … Continue reading

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