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Will People of Pakistan Defend their Democracy? A clue from Abortive Turkish Military Coup

The challenge for the incumbent government and political parties is to gain the trust of the people and wining their hearts, only than people will defend, protect and preserve their democracy and there will be no unconstitutional threat. Failing in gaining trust of people may lead to disastrous consequences. Continue reading

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The Burnt Faces

Women who try to speak up, for themselves, are forced to keep quiet, which is the only reason why Pakistan is this far from providing women their rights. Continue reading

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you don’t have to be working for NGO to help people or work for a social cause. You can be a photographer, a footballer or a business man. You can apply your experience and the skills you learnt in life and help contribute to a social cause. We all have to contribute if we have to solve our beloved country problems. Continue reading

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Education plays an important role in eliminating poverty, the higher the education, the better it is for the economy. Continue reading

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Eradication of Polio: Giving a child a New Life

Despite the challenges, Pakistan is highly capable of addressing the issues that fail us in reaching out to the children with vaccine. Pakistan needs to revamp its strategy to address the implementation bottlenecks. Continue reading

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