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Growing Inequalities in Pakistan

The countr­y needs to uplift societ­y by addres­sing all types of inequa­lities throug­h invest­ing in people’s capabi­lities­. Continue reading

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Climate Change: A Threat Multiplier

Climate Change is a threat, which is transnational, and not just confined to national boundaries. It has become a serious challenge for global security. Continue reading

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Administrative Practice and Social Norms: The Case of Domestic Water Supply

It is widely recognized that poor governance is a major impediment in the provision of public goods. Pakistan is not an exception in this context and a number of studies have indicated institutional misgovernance as a major factor hindering public … Continue reading

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Water & Sanitation: A Basic Human Right

By: S H A H N A S I R K H IS R O PAKISTAN faces a crisis that threatens the lives of millions of Pakistanis every year. It is also a crisis which in its resolution offers the potential … Continue reading

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MDGs: Issues for the Future in Pakistan

SANDEE Newsletter, Nepal, No. 25 / Spring 2013 Sunday, 31st Mar 2013 Nepal   Pakistan’s experience with MDGs, like most developing countries, remains mixed. The country is ahead or on track to achieve several targets related to women, health and … Continue reading

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