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you don’t have to be working for NGO to help people or work for a social cause. You can be a photographer, a footballer or a business man. You can apply your experience and the skills you learnt in life and help contribute to a social cause. We all have to contribute if we have to solve our beloved country problems. Continue reading

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The Kasur Scandal – Uncovering the truth about child abuse in Pakistan

How do we make a case for Pakistan being a safe country, when it can’t even protect its own children, whether they’re being slaughtered in Peshawar or being robbed of their childhood in Kasur? Continue reading

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Depression: What You Can Do On Your Own

According to the WHO, only 400 psychiatrists and 5 psychiatric hospitals exist within the entire country for a population exceeding 180 million. This roughly translates to an alarming psychiatrist-to-person ratio of 1 to half a million people. Continue reading

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