About SDLP

This blog is an attempt to highlight social, political and economic situation of Pakistan. SDLP emphasize on real public issues, such as social injustice, inequalities, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and terrorism.


To influence and draw attention of public representative and policy makers towards real public issues in order to improve the social justice and well being of the society


Pakistan has been facing multiple crises during past many decades, which include poverty, unemployment, volatile economic growth, terrorism, food insecurity and climate change. Consequently, Pakistan had bear huge loss and damages to lives and property.

However, its state responsibility to protect its citizen and provide basic necessities of life. But due to not having political will, the people of Pakistan are still suffering.

There is dire need to educate the society at large about the real issues that Pakistan and Pakistanis facing for very long time. So that people should know, what and where really problem is.

So SDLP is an attempt in order to highlights those public issues, which include social, economic and political issues, and complete policy analysis of that issues, having experts opinion and analysis on it.

SDLP will raise all public issues on the basis of facts and figures and try to advocate at highest forum which may influence the policy makers and draw their attentions towards real problem.

Those who want to contribute on our blog, SDLP welcome to them. For that you may send your queries/suggestions/articles etc at rajataimur1@gmail.com.

We need your kind support in this regard.


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