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Originally posted on Policy Research Institute of Market Economy:
How government of the people, by the people for the people deprives people from their right to prosper is indeed an intriguing enquiry if conducted. Perhaps government meddling in private sector’s…

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Human Development Report (HDR) 2013 Launch: Pakistan projected poorly in Human Development

Pakistan ranked at 146 out of 187 countries in term of economic and human development, HDR report 2013. United Nation Development Programme in Pakistan launches its 22nd Human Development Report 2013. According to the report Pakistan stand at 146th out … Continue reading

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Survey Report Launch: Youth Voices on Political Economy 2013

Corruption & Illiteracy are the principle economic challenge for Pakistan. (Survey Report by Youth Economic Forum) I attended survey report launch ceremony Title “Youth Voices on Political Economy 2013” by Youth Economic Forum. Approx 1200 students participate from 120 universities … Continue reading

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Trade for peace in South Asia

Improved trade relations among South Asian states will definitely reduce conflicts between the rivals. ILLUSTRATION: JAMAL KHURSHID. In the 18th century, a French social critic and political philosopher, Montesquieu, thought that commerce improves manners and cures most destructive prejudices. The … Continue reading

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Non-Traditional Security Threats: Global Governance System to Combat Challenges

Terrorism, bad governance and climate change are becoming most serious and emerging traditional as well as non traditional security threat (NTST) to country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. These mounting NTST are now undermining world peace and stability. There is, however, … Continue reading

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