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The Burnt Faces

Women who try to speak up, for themselves, are forced to keep quiet, which is the only reason why Pakistan is this far from providing women their rights. Continue reading

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The Kasur Scandal – Uncovering the truth about child abuse in Pakistan

How do we make a case for Pakistan being a safe country, when it can’t even protect its own children, whether they’re being slaughtered in Peshawar or being robbed of their childhood in Kasur? Continue reading

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Sexual Harassment: Issues and Challenges

The main reason behind this curse is the sexual desires of uneducated people, the frustrations of a lonely life and the fire of revenge. The victims of sexual harassment suffer traumas that may affect them their entire lives and leaves a permanent scar. Continue reading

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Portrayal of Rape in Media

Newspaper articles and channel headlines that frame rape victims’ behavior in a stereotypical manner may fuel public misconceptions of sex crimes, consequently leading to negative outcomes for victims, rape-case prosecution and even public safety. Continue reading

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Philosophy of Feminism and Rights of Women

The sad truth is that the shackles of suppression that stop women from coming forward and realizing their true strength and potential are based on so much more than the idea that women are naturally worse at certain things than men. Continue reading

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