Disappearing Daughters:  The Tragedy of Female Feticide

By: Sania Vohra

Can the world carry on without women? ILLUSTRATION: Raja Taimur Hassan

Can the world carry on without women?
ILLUSTRATION: Raja Taimur Hassan

Karachi: “200 million girls are missing from this world” This statement has been lingering in my mind since the day I saw a presentation on the documentary ‘it’s a girl’.  It has always been very difficult for me to understand how some people hate having daughters or support female feticide. From where I come from daughters are your most prized possession, a gift from God. To every one who thinks daughters are a burden I have a few questions.

I have realized that mostly its mother in laws who want their bahus (daughter-in-law) to get an abortion, the moment they find out it’s a girl. To all such Mother in laws, aren’t you someone’s daughter? Isn’t your daughter in law someone’s daughter? Did your parents think you were a burden? Had your parents had the same mindset you would be dead too. Yes, I hope you were dead too. Such people don’t deserve to live. You go looking for the prettiest girl for your son, isn’t she someone’s daughter? How dare you look for a girl! Have you ever wondered that if everyone had your mindset then the human race will end? From where will you get your sons from then?

To all the men who hate daughters, weren’t you born out of someone’s daughter? Isn’t your wife a woman? Can the world carry on without women?

Moreover, how difficult is it for people to understand that men are responsible for the gender of the baby? I don’t see people blaming men for the gender of the baby.  We don’t find men being burned alive or facing any torture because they had a baby girl. Ladies, its man’s chromosome that decides the gender of the baby, please open your eyes. Stop torturing females for it.

Why do people feel so burdened by a daughter? The only reason I could find was dowry. The large sum of dowry is what makes parents not want daughters. A further research of dowry proved that Islam does not support dowry. People make Traditions/Norms; hence they can be eliminated or changed.  Everyone has an issue with dowry yet we don’t do anything to change the tradition. We can kill our daughters but we cannot break tradition. I fail to understand this society.

I believe that every country should have a standing order against female feticide, with the punishment being stoned to death. Just thinking about this makes me thankful to ALLAH for the loving family he has given me. It makes me pray that the world becomes a better place.

The writer is a student of IOBM Karachi.


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