Fighting Child Abuse -Now or Never

By: Eraj Husnain

One in every five children in developing countries is a victim of child abuse.  ILLUSTRATION: Raja Taimur Hassan

One in every five children in developing countries is a victim of child abuse.
ILLUSTRATION: Raja Taimur Hassan

Karachi: Ever seen a child scared? Nervous? Sad? Well this might be frequent. But have you ever seen a grown up having the same feel? A grown up who is strong enough to run a whole family, a career and a potential to grow, have you ever seen such a grown up not being this strong? Have you seen a grown up scared? Having nightmares that scare him to death? Have you seen such a person not being able to sleep? Are you one of them too?

There must be something that is disturbing you. Something that is coming in your way each time you take a step forward to make an effort, an effort to change your story. This story is about all the unfortunate things that have happened to you while you were just a little kid. A kid, who was fragile and couldn’t take care of himself, a kid who couldn’t stop what was wrong or maybe who couldn’t even know that it was wrong, a kid who wanted to make it stop but couldn’t tell, a kid who was scared and who couldn’t protect himself. This story is about child abuse.

About three (3) million children go through this outrageous and inhuman act annually according to the USA stats.  And the cruel number goes increasing in the developing countries. This is undoubtedly an emerging issue and the most astonishing part is that it has not been given much importance. One in every five children in developing countries is a victim. This not only makes the child lose his self-confidence but changes his life completely. It takes over him for the rest of his lifetime. This is something that needs real awareness and attention. Why do we talk about rape, harassment, domestic violence etc and fail to administer this? Why can’t we see the reason behind a child’s silence? Why do we fail to see the tears that come along with it. After knowing why do we pretend like we don’t know? Why would we be a part of something so cruel towards our little angels? It’s really sad. This thought triggers me. We think we have made a safe place for our little ones but we often stop them from doing the right thing. We don’t make them comfortable in the place they are living in. This not only destroys their childhood but their whole life and the prime reason behind this is that they don’t get to share, what’s haunting them keeps haunting them. So why do we do that? Why do we run away from this social evil rather than accepting it and fixing it? Why do we let it control our child’s life? Is it because we don’t think it’s important? I don’t think that could be it? Then what is it? Are we scared too? Or we don’t want our children to know about this evil world? Or we simply don’t know what to do with it? The funniest part about this issue is that we can’t stop telling our little ones fantasies that we want them to believe but the truth is that we can’t stop believing in them too. Believing, that this world is the safest and the very best place to live in. We are monsters from insides in reality. Because we are scared from the truth and the truth of the matter is that the monsters doing these social evils live with us. They are us. They are the people we trust and who we think that can take care of our children. We trust them more than our children. That is why when our child comes to us with a hope that we will listen to them and do something about what is happening to them, we pretend to not have listened or we simply ask them to stay quiet about it under the false promises that everything will be alright. Does that make us less of a monster too?

I don’t understand this society. A society that talks about religion, faith, values and morality but is either too scared to take a stand or too fearless to let the inner beast free. Please make this social evil stop from its roots. Educate your children for their rights. Talk to them about what is bothering them. Be observant. Take a stand. Don’t care about the society or others who are harming them, care about the innocent kid who has a whole life before him. Care about his well being, about his future. Child abuse damages the human mind, which leads to depression, lack of confidence, lack of trust and sadness. It’s not curable once it makes its way. Please make sure you educate and take a stand towards this evil. Stop it from happening and change their story.

The writer is currently doing my BBA from IOBM. She interested in marketing and likes to write on social issues of Pakistan.


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One Response to Fighting Child Abuse -Now or Never

  1. eraa says:

    Do something worthy rather than writing this :p you can also save the society by eating less and donating that food to poor maybe :p

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