The Issue of Child Abuse – A despicable act

By: Farhan Nisar

To stop child abuse and simply get rid of this social dilemma, educating children, educating adults and educating parents is the need of hour. DESIGN / ILLUSTRATION: Raja Taimur Hassan

Child abuse is one of the most despicable and depressive element that prevail in our society. We come across listening to so many cases of child abuse almost every day on television, newspaper, magazine or any other medium of communication. But very little has been realized by us about the startling implication to children, when they are being cruelly hit by this social menace of our society.

Child abuse has many forms and the most common forms prevailing in our society include physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, family violence and organized sexual abuse. The need of understanding lies with the mental and physical well being of a child and its possibility, when the child is being prone to such a peril, which definitely injects distress, misery and pain within them.

Many of us have already heard about verbal abuse by parents, but have always considered it being essential part for the healthy brought up of kids. Although the concept in its very origin is extremely wrong, because we need to realize this fact that beating, shouting and scolding children in a hostile or violent manner won’t end up getting the desired output by the parents, rather assent to promote a child to retaliate his parents and end up with something really nasty and spiteful.

This turn in the loss of child confidence, which may lead to personality disorders in the child, where as the child is likely to turn anti social and develops low self esteem, anxiety and depression within.Parents should themselves realize that their attitude is the source of distress and this can lead to strong repercussions in building the child personality for the long term.

Sexual abuse with children is another cruelest form of child abuse which is much found, yet less talked in our society but it has extremely painful and sorrowful impact upon children psychology at large.

There is dire need of understanding the importance of teaching and creating awareness among the children about pedophilia so that your child even in an early age can easily distinguish between the bad touch and the good touch. When children are being encouraged to understand such behaviors it will become easier to combat such threats. Children must be given education in early classes so that they can learn and respond accordingly.

Another really disturbing category of child abuse is the organized child abuse, which include multiple children subject to sexual abuse by multiple perpetrators. This is the most severe form of child abuse which turns in to child prostitution, child pornography and sadistic sexual practices. In some cases it lead towards suicidal attempts and self harm, as child has to often live with the heavy burden of mental and physical illness.

The importance lies with understanding that what should be done and what can be easily done by us in order to eradicate and simply get rid of this social dilemma, and that’s educating children, educating adults and educating parents at large about the issue.

When children will be taught at primary level about child abuse the implications would be fruitful, because they won’t be more victimized as they have complete knowledge and understanding about what needs to be done when such signs and symptoms of child abuse happens.

Secondly parents should be taught to communicate, encourage and translate affirm attitude of sharing by politely talking on this topic. Also, since learning begins at home, parents should avoid being abusive all the time rather behave like role models as children tend to behave the way they see people doing around.

This milestone can be achieved only with the realization that child abuse is no way tolerable as it has to do with the future of children and the society.

The writer is finance professional and a social worker. Actively follow politics and sports. He tweets at @ifarhani.

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