The Arab Spring

Arab SpringAfter the Iranian revolution, the Arab spring is a major development in the Arab World. Speakers at the seminar “The Arab Spring Two Years On, and the Destruction of Gaza: Results, Prospects, Consequences,” organized by SDPI in Islamabad, say the Arab Spring brew on the negative sentiments of the population, which was dissatisfaction with their governments. They demanded liberty, equality and fraternity which in short is rule of law and justice.

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Now People don’t have fear of powerful anymore!!! People even have no fear of death!!! Unless state apparatus will not deliver on issues like injustice, inequalities and widened gape between poor and the rich and more over large percentage of educated but dissatisfied youth than rulers must ready for consequences which happen with the rulers like “Hussni Mubarak” in Arab World. So Pakistani ruling elites must learn lesson from Arab spring.

Experts say absolute power, political corruption, human rights violation, sectarianism, extreme poverty, and large percentage of educated but dissatisfied youth within the population are major causes which led to the mass protests. They believe that the so called Arab spring is not yet over. Already it has empowered the common man to challenge the status quo and resist oppressive governance tactics. It needs to be transformed into a social movement.

Deprived, oppressed and economically marginalized people have taken their destiny in their own hands. Experts say different versions of uprisings in Pakistan have similar trigger. For example in 2007, movement to restore judiciary thrived on the shoulders of these sentiments. Injustice, inequalities and the fast widening gap between poor and the rich were its ingredients.

Experts believe that many oppressive regimes, even today are back by the political powers who preach democracy and human rights. The Arab spring has signaled the end of an era where this hypocrisy based on double standards could prevail. Now, the people have grabbed some of their rights through street agitations. If the political system is not thoroughly overhauled to the benefit of the people, more of the same is in the offing. Till this struggle for rights culminates into institutional framework that can guarantee justice, rule of law and representative government.


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