Annual Entrepreneurship Conference

Self-employment by using entrepreneurial skills is the solution to the rising unemployment in the job market, which has a few jobs for the new arrivals. The “Annual Entrepreneurship Conference” organized by the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) and FAST National University, in Islamabad concluded with the note that matchmaking between the market opportunities and the individuals having required skills can play important part in absorbing 54,000 new graduates, who enter the job market every year.  Raja Taimur Hassan has the story… Click here to watch report!!!!


About Social and Development log of Pakistan (SDLP)

Social and Development log of Pakistan (SDLP) is an attempt to highlights real public issues, which include social, economic and political issues, and complete policy analysis of that issues having experts opinion and analysis on it. SDLP will raise all public issues on the basis of facts and figures and try to advocate at highest forum which may influence the policy makers and draw their attentions towards real problem. SDLP also welcome to those who want to contribute on our blog at For that you may send your queries/suggestions/articles etc at Twitter: or @rajataimur786 Facebook:
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